Bunnies & Carrots Cone Celebration Crackers - 8 Per Box

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London based pastry maker, Tom Smith, invented the Christmas cracker after a trip to France where he was inspired by their bonbon treats. When he returned to London he tried selling the paper wrapped sugared almonds himself with little success. That is until inspiration struck one night as he sat listening to the snaps and pops of his fireplace. What if he could make the treats crackle like the fire when opened? Little did he know that this thought would be the beginning of a timeless Christmas tradition. Crackers evolved from treats to notes, and finally to the trinket-filled, paper wrapped, popping cardboard tubes we know today. And at Caspari we believe that crackers go beyond Christmas to parties and occasions year-round! From birthdays to holidays, these whimsical crackers can be added to any celebratory table setting.

This box includes eight individual cone-shaped crackers. Individuals or partners grab the ends and pull to pop open the closed section with a “bang” and reveal the prizes inside. Before prize time, these crackers can stand up on their base and be displayed on tabletops, mantles, and more.

Please note, this product cannot be shipped to Switzerland.

  • Our celebration crackers each feature classic Caspari designs and additional luxury embellishments, such as 3D die-cut appliqués, special ribbon, and more unique details.
  • Each cracker contains a pastel green or lavender bunny ear head band, a mini bunny figurine, and a trivia question or ice breaker.
  • Set of 8 Party Crackers
  • 25.4cm Length Each
Product Type: Celebration Crackers
Product SKU: CK115.10
Product UPC: 0025096929059
Collection Name: Bunnies and Boxwood
Quantity Included: 8 Per Box
Product Dimensions: 25.4cm Length Each
Country of Origin: China
Features: Fun Toys & Trinkets Included
Artist or Collection: Janine Moore
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Bunnies & Carrots Cone Celebration Crackers - 8 Per Box
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